When Do Pregnant Sysmptoms Start


When Do Pregnant Sysmptoms Start
By using different pregnancy tests, conception can easily be confirmed. This can now be done prior to a missed period. It has been noted that a large number of women experience non-specific pregnancy symptoms within the first week of conceptions. These symptoms are usually different from the classic pregnancy symptoms.

Importance of a pregnancy test.

It is very important to carry out a pregnancy test. It is from the results of this test that you will be able to confirm the fact that you are pregnant. With this information you will be able to come up with various health boosting methods or strategies through the help of your doctor. This will help you maintain good health and go through the entire period without any unexpected occurrences.

Early pregnancy symptoms and when they start.

According to various studies carried out by researchers, an egg is fertilized within a period of 12 hours after ovulation. During this period a large number of women never experience any pregnancy related symptoms. However, this may change after the zygote has been implanted. This process normally happens during the 7 – 10 ovulation days. After conception and implantation, the embryo produces HCG. It would be impossible for any woman to experience any pregnancy related symptoms before this process takes place. The most likely time for you to begin experiencing any symptoms would roughly be about 4 weeks into a pregnancy.

There are a number of early pregnancy signs. This can actually be felt or experienced prior to missed periods. There are various early pregnancy symptoms that can be experienced between your third and fourth week of pregnancy. These symptoms include nausea, tiredness, sensitivity to different smells and missed period.

The first symptom to be experienced by a pregnant woman is a missed menstrual cycle. This usually stops immediately after conception takes place. Even though it is one of the most typical symptoms of pregnancy, it can be brought about by various other factors which include stress level, surgery or a serious health condition. It is also common to come across some women who experience bleeding throughout their entire pregnancy period. To some extent it is normal and is otherwise known as implantation bleeding.

If you happen to be about 4 weeks into your pregnancy, you may begin to notice that you barely stand smells that were previously quite pleasing to you. A good example would be your husband’s cologne or even your own perfume. You will also begin to notice smells which you may never have noticed before. During this period, simple and light smells may actually seem overpowering. Sensitivity to smell is one of the earliest pregnancy symptom.

Fatigue may begin to check in earlier than most other things. You will begin to notice that you are always tired, unable to stay awake forcing you to nap in the daytime and even going to bed much earlier than usual during the night. The kind of changes taking place within your body during this period is quite amazing. Life is being created within you. At this point your body is still adjusting and preparing itself accordingly. This takes up a good amount of your energy especially during this early phase.

Nausea is said to be one of the most unfortunate and common symptom experienced by pregnant women. However, this will not necessary be the same for everyone as there are a number of pregnant women who went through the first few weeks of being pregnant without experiencing nausea. This is a rather unpleasant feeling therefore do not wish for it. It is more than morning sickness and can even be experienced at night or during the day. Sometimes it can last throughout the day for months. In some cases it can go on for a few hours during the day for a couple of weeks. There are women who even experience it throughout the pregnancy.

Typical pregnancy symptoms and when they start.

Not all symptoms related to pregnancy start early. Some are even experienced weeks after one gets to know they are pregnant. A good example of such a symptom is recurrent urination. This may not take place during your first few weeks of pregnancy but will be more noticeable as you get to about 6 or 7weeks. This may slightly reduce once you get to your second trimester but will reach its peak when you get to your third trimester. This is usually caused by the baby pressing on to your bladder.

Another symptom likely to be experienced during this period is the craving or dislike of certain foods. During this stage, most women cannot even stand thinking about their most preferred food. What previously made you excited and could not wait to consume will suddenly leave you cringing with disgust. You will also develop an interest and love for foods which you were never interested in or even liked. A good example would be suddenly not being able to go even a day without eating a cheeseburger or French fries with too much salt in them. Some women even get to a point where they want to eat nothing else apart from that one particular food that they crave.

When good pregnancy symptoms start.

Pregnant women often experience numerous symptoms and it is important to note that not all of these symptoms will be bad. One of the best examples you begin to notice is the clearing up of your skin. This usually takes place in your first trimester. You may also begin to notice some changes taking place in your hair as it becomes fuller and lush. Your nails may also begin to grow faster and stronger. During this period, you will also begin to hear more and more people begin to admire the lovely glow that seems to cover you.

In as much as it may almost be impossible for a pregnant woman to go through this entire period without experiencing any symptoms not all the symptoms are necessarily bad. Every pregnancy is different from the other and you should therefore not panic in case you have not experienced any of the early symptoms mentioned.