The Cause Of Infertility In Women


Infertility is a very common problem in both men and women. Some of the causes of this problem are biological, environmental, medical and behavioral as we are going to find out in our discussion below.


Biological Causes

• Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is one of the most common causes Anovulation. What is Anovulation? This is simply a situation in which a woman skips ovulation. If you have an ovulatory cycle of less than 21 days or more than 36 days then probably you are facing this complication. The worst case is when you do not experience any cycle completely. Women who are not very keen with the ovulation cycle rarely notice when this happens to them. When Anovulation occurs, you may think that you are menstruating normally but that may not be the case because ovulation does not take place during such moments. This is very common during the early as well as late years of a woman undergoing menstruation. At that age, the body tends to undergo drastic changes and hence it will be very common to witness Anovulation cycles. When this process takes place, giving birth may not be possible since the ovary is not generating the egg for fertilization. Some of the other causes of Anovulation that you can easily control include stress as well as overexertion just to mention a few of them. Because detecting the problem may not be easy among women, it is good to visit one of the qualified medical doctors who will perform a test on you.

• Scarred ovaries

When the ovaries of woman incur physical injuries, there is a high probability of such woman suffering from complications to do with infertility. Invasive, extensive as well as multiple surgeries are some of the practices that are likely to cause damage to your ovaries hence making infertile for the rest of your life. Therefore, before you accept to undergo any form of surgery, it is good that you make inquires about your fertility as well as safety so that you do not end up childless without your knowledge of what happened.

• Premature menopause

Premature menopause is the other unexplainable cause of Anovulation. We have women who stop menstruating when they are very young. Many people hypothesize that such women have depleted their fertile eggs from their ovaries. Premature menopause is very common among women who take part in athletics because most of them have lightweight bodies. The other reason for premature menopause is genetics in which you may witness causes of some of members of your family reaching menopause when they are very young.

• Follicle problems

The unruptured follicle is a rare condition and unexplained condition in which a woman produces fertile eggs only for the follicle to fail to rupture. Therefore, the egg will remain in the ovary because of the incomplete ovulation.

• Poorly functioning fallopian tubes

Millions of infertile women across the world suffer from tubal diseases. The only way to deal with the problem is undergoing surgery, an expensive process for most people to afford. The main causes of tubal failure include infections caused by the bacteria, abdominal diseases and previous surgeries among others. Some women have tubal abnormalities acquired right from birth making them infertile.

Behavioral Causes

We have some lifestyles that are likely to affect your fertility as a woman who wants to have a family. Some of the common habits that you should avoid include the following

• Smoking

Smoking is not only dangerous among men but also in women. This practice causes miscarriages and the birth of low weight babies who die after a few years unless you take good care of them. If one of the partners smokes then there a high likelihood that you will end, up childless unless you quit the habit as soon as possible.

• Alcohol

High intake increases on defects during childbirth among women. It can also lead to the Fetal Alcohol syndrome when the level exceeds certain limits.

• Drugs

Intake of drugs such as anabolic steroids and marijuana brings about kidney problems in the unborn child. The worst happens when an individual decides to abuse the drug when they are pregnant.

• Diet and exercising

A healthy woman needs to eat healthy food and take part in exercises. Overweight as well as the underweight women face high possibilities of ending up without children.

Medical Causes

A few forms of medication and drugs have side effects that are likely to cause infertility. Some of them include the following

• Chemotherapy– most of the medicines used in the process of chemotherapy can be very harmful to the human body. This treatment can lead to ovarian cancer, a disease characterized by the failure of the ovary to produce an egg needed in the process of fertilization. In worst cases, this can be a permanent problem in the life of a woman.

• Neuroleptic medicines used in the process of treating psychosis sometimes bring about cases of missed periods among women. When such situations persist, a woman may end up infertile.

• Spironolactone, a form of medication used in the dealing with oedema is yet another risky form of medication that can leave a woman infertile for the rest of her life especially if she does not seek for medical attention in good time from an experienced medical doctor within her reach.

• Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are very harmful to the human body when used for long periods as well as in large dosages. Some of the drugs under this group include aspirin and ibuprofen.

Environmental Causes

The environment in which you live is also likely to make you infertile. When you work or stay in a place full of toxins and other harmful chemicals you may face birth complications. Some of the dangerous chemicals that you should avoid when you are pregnant include lead, ethylene oxide among others.

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