Make Your Own Pregnancy Test


Make Your Own Pregnancy Test
It is now possible to confirm on whether you’re pregnant or not without having to spend a lot of money in order to purchase some of the available pregnancy test kits. This can be done by making use of different homemade pregnancy methods that actually work by giving you instant results.

How to Make Your Own Pregnancy Test

There are a number of ways that you can easily make use in order to come up with your own pregnancy test. As long as you know what to look for and the mixtures to work on, you will be able to come up with an effective and accurate pregnancy test. Some of the most common ways through which you can make your own pregnancy test right at the comfort of your home include;

1. Dandelion Pregnancy test

For this particular test one has to collect and make use of leaves and stems from different dandelions. This process begins by saturating the dandelion leaves and stems with urine and then allow it to settle for some time. There is no specific or recommended dandelion settling time before you can actually get a confirmation on whether you are pregnant or not.
If you happen to be pregnant, the stems and leaves of the dandelions will develop red blisters. If these are not present, then this is an indication that you are not expectant.

2. Vinegar Pregnancy test

This is a simple and effective home-based pregnancy test. All you need to do is purchase one vinegar bottle. Pour some of the vinegar into a small cup then also pour your urine into the same cup in order to mix the two. You will know if you are pregnant if the color of the combined liquids changes. Apart from the color change, another indicator would be the presence of fizzle which would occur when the urine is poured into the vinegar.

This test has not been proven scientifically and no research has been done to show the amount of urine or vinegar to be used in order to have this method work. Due to the fact that there are no set ratios, it is possible that the results achieved may not necessarily be accurate.

There is no known reason why this test works. The waiting period from the time the urine is mixed together with the vinegar to the color change of this combination is also not known. The exact time that you can use this particular testing method is also not known. In as much as a good number of home-based pregnancy tests normally work as early as six days prior to a missed period, there is no indication to show that this test has a similar sensitivity level.

3. Home-based Pine sol Pregnancy test

A good number of people normally have pine sol at their homes since they use it to clean up their floors, bathrooms and kitchen. This can also be used to test if you are pregnant. The process involves mixing urine and pine sol. Pregnancy is confirmed with a color change.

Even though many women fully trust and swear by it, no scientific research has been made available in order to show that it is precise enough when it comes to predicting pregnancy. To begin with, it does not have any indication on the recommended time frame for the color change on the solution.

No indication is also available in regards to the color change expected on the solution. The only information available is that you should make use of natural pine sol free of any fragrances or additives.

4. Bleach Pregnancy test

It is possible to use bleach when testing for pregnancy. All that is required of you is pouring the bleach into a cup containing urine. If the solution bubbles up, turns frothy or fizzy, it is a clear pregnancy indicator. If none of the mentioned happens to the solution, then you are not expectant.
Just like most other home-based pregnancy tests, no instructions are available when it comes to the amount of bleach and urine to be used as well as the recommended waiting time for the outcome. However, it is important to note that this bleach pregnancy test comes with a pre-caution. This is because when bleach is mixed with urine it produces toxic gases which will not only harm you but also your unborn child if pregnant. In order to protect yourself from inhaling these fumes, you should perform this test in an open and airy place.

5. Toothpaste Pregnancy test

Toothpaste is one of those products that can be found in any home and is also one of the most popular home-based pregnancy test method. Therefore, if you happen to be in need of a urgent pregnancy test, simply mix your urine with some toothpaste. If the mixture turns bluish or produces froth then this is an indication you are pregnant. The time taken before the froth appears will vary from one test to another.

Does homemade pregnancy test work?

The above information show some good and easy methods of running a pregnancy test from the comfort of your own home without making use of a pregnancy kit. There will be moments when time may not necessarily be on your side and will therefore not be able to go purchase a pregnancy kit from your local pharmacy. On such occasions, you can simply make your own pregnancy test. However, such tests come with a few disadvantages with the main one being lack of accurate user instructions.

Home pregnancy kits available in pharmacies are actually more reliable and include clear user instructions as well as the expected waiting time for accurate results to be revealed. With no clearly set instructions, the likely hood of getting negative results even when expectant is actually quite high.

In as much as it might be fun or even more convenient to take a home-based pregnancy test, it may not be the best way of confirming if you are pregnant or not. Apart from some of the mentioned dangers that you may expose yourself to, these tests are harmless. However, you should not completely depend on the outcome of these home-based tests to confirm pregnancy.


  1. Hi, I’m Karleigh. This website helped me a lot because I think I am going to have a baby at 15. I was about to buy a real pregnancy test but my mom would never let me get one. Now I’m just scared to tell my parents.

    • You’re 15 and you think you’re going to have a baby, but you’re too afraid to tell your parents????? So you’re old enough to have sex but not old enough to be mature enough to tell your parents. Trust me, it is hard to tell your parents, but it is something you need to do. And if you don’t happen to be pregnant, maybe your mother can get you on birth control. Having a baby at any age let alone 15 is hard. You have your whole future ahead of you.

      • Her mom didn’t let her buy the test which means she knows and I’ve done been to college and graduated high school and was pregnant at 16 its not automatic failure and I’m engaged to a man that had a kids while he was in high school. I dont wish it for none of the 3 kids we have but support is better than downing especially after its already happened

        • I’m so glad your comment sound very supportive…more people like you is needed. I was about to reply to all the negative comments perhaps judgements. It would have been nice if they support the child who is 15 and think she’s pregnant no one knows the real reason why many young girls are having babies it has to do in many cases with situations going on in the household is never good to pass judgment. I really thank you for telling your story it means a lot because you are absolutely right nothing is impossible. God bless!

    • I hope all went well with your parents, it is a scary situation but it is not one without purpose! I hope you and your family is well,

    • Go buy a pregnancy kit and and your worries first. If you are pregnant, your mom can help you out to decide what’s best for you. And if you go to someone else for help, you can also end up killing yourself. As science says, majority of teenage pregnancies are unsafe.
      You might be freaked out. It’s okay. It is not your fault. But you can correct the misfortunes that can happen. So brace up and go buy a kit on your own. What did the home remedies tell you?

      • If her mum won’t let her buy a kit how is her mum the best person to help a 15 yr old decide about being a mum or not?
        Yes it would be scary your right and I like your encouragement, but saying it’s not her fault? Unless the sex wasn’t consensual then who’s fault is it? You decide to have sex you understand what could happen, how is it not her fault?
        In now way am I saying anything about the young one who posted but your comments are ridiculous.

    • Hey karleigh, my name is also karleigh lol ..
      Only thing I can tell you is invite a friend to spend the night one that you know will be there for you no matter what .. Then while she is there have your parents sit down. And you just simply tell them the worse They can do is be disappointed and ground you .. They cannot in any way make you abort or give your baby up for adoption if you don’t want to. Even if they try the adoption center or abortion center will ask is anyone making / forcing you to do things and just tell them no it was your own decision or your parents are making you do this .. Good luck

  2. I did the bleach test now and it started to fizz, it even lifted the bleach.. I’ve been having the symptoms but my cycle is sOo irregular…

  3. At 17 i tot i was pregnant,but i tried d toothpaste pregnancy test nd found out i was not.Then i visited a doc nd found the same answer.

    • Thank you I am 18 with 2 kids I did all the test they came up nagtive I hope the Dr says the same thing I am so scared hope I get your results

  4. I also tried of the homemade pregnancy test which is bleach obviously and it became frothy…I tried it before a missed period simply because I was experiencing pregnancy symptoms like nausea, frequent urinating, fatigue, dizzyness and so on…now the question is am I pregnant???

  5. Hi!! I would definitely NOT recommend trying the bleach one. I tried it because im experiencing a lot of pregnancy symptoms and thought I’d give a homemade pregnancy test a try. Anyways, the fumes given off by the bleach/urine mixture are EXTREMELY strong and very toxic and I breathed in some accidentally and my eyes got red and I couldn’t stop coughing and my lungs burn this test is very dangerous and can cause harm to your Heath as if you are expecting it can harm your unborn child and SECONDLY it is NOT effective. When I tried it, the second I mixed the two, it foamed like crazy and overflowed out of the container. I told my boyfriend about it and he didn’t think it was accurate so he tried it and got the EXACT SAME RESULT!!!! Hahaha so I’m pretty sure it’s just the bleach reacting with the ammonia in urine…. That or my boyfriend is pregnant! Hahahaha anyways have a blessed day you all! Just thought I would warn you about the ineffectiveness and danger of the bleach test. I haven’t tried the others so maybe they actually work. Good luck!

    • Omg you’re boyfriend needs to see a doctor he could have testicular cancer, the reason why tests come back postive is due to the levels of HGC and is not found in guys unless they have testicular cancer so he should probably get that checked out, I know you weren’t expecting this but I’m just trying to help 🙂 (also if the bleach test isn’t accurate then u have nothing to be worried about)

  6. By the way, I am aware that the dangers of this test are stated in the text and that it is my fault for inhaling the fumes. I just thought I would restate the warning because it is very unpleasant and I wouldn’t want anyone else to experience it, so please don’t leave nasty comments. I just wanted to help. Thank you for reading I hope this helped those of you planning on trying the bleach method.

  7. Hi im grace and im 12 but not sure if i am pregnant. i tried the bleach one but it fizzed up right away so im not quite sure.

  8. Hi. Ive tried the toothpaste method before and its say negative cause it doesnt turned into blue but im still not on my period this month. Geez now i dont know what to believe now..

  9. i am 14,i tot i was pregnant so i used the bleach and the sugar home pregnancy test,i mixed by my morning urine with the bleach cos its more concentrated,and it was just a little fizzy,making the result negative,i wasnt satisfied so i used the sugar test,i took a teaspoon of sugar nd mixed it together nd luckily d sugar melted nd was nt bluped making the result negative also.thanks

  10. I had sex on the 1st day of my menstrual cycle .. My period is delayed around for a month .I have tried the sugar test n the sugar mixed with my urine .still m scared of my delayed period date .plz advice wat to do

  11. I think I may be pregnant. I tried the bleach thing and it fizzed up & the whole top was white. I’m scared & I can’t buy a pregnancy test because of my parents. I’m only 14 & I’m turning 15 next month. I’m not ready to have a baby. I can’t tell my parents because I’m so scared. I need help. Please help me.

    • Hi im 13 i do t know of im pregmat i have has alot of pregnancy symptoms and a javent has a period in 6 mounths and im kinda scared of wats going to happen. My freonds at school think im pregnant.

  12. Hi everyone my name is bridgette and I need some help like urgent help I’m so scared if I’m pregnant or not because I’m twelve years old and have been raped buy this guy his name was nick and he tried to kiss me but I wasn’t interested at all and I haven’t told my parents yet because I will never tell them till I’m in labor oh and are these pregnancy symptoms heartburn I’ve been having it a lot all of these ready ok first one is heartburns a lot then going to the toilet a lot and being soooo tired at school icantevwn do my work or open my eyes I just smash my head on the table cause I’m so tired and stomach pains a lot to like cramps my boobs are hurting a lot and they are really heavy when I take my bra of and more headaches than usual like lots of headaches each bloody day and been having dizzy spells could I be pregnant oh and plzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply I urgently need some help are those pregnancy symptoms plzzzzzzzzzzzz reply to my message I would love that so much thanks for your help love ya xxxxx oh and also could I be pregnant plz answer if I could be pregnant oh and also PLZ DONT THINK OF THE RAPED PART plz don’t right anything about it plz dont about the raped thing I’m begging u just say if u think I’m pregnant or not plz thanks kind regards bridgettexxxxx

    • Sweet heart of you were raped you need to let your parents know I went through my life not letting anyone know and it has tour me up inside I’m 28 so please tell your parents please

    • I am 10 years old and at night I felt sick so went on the Internet found this and did the toothpaste one but then it wasn’t blue but it did fizz and bubble am I pregnent or not…

  13. Hi everyone can u tell me if I’m pregnant or not ok here it goes ffirst stop is iv been having more headaches than usuall and dans dizzy spells a lot and cramps and going to the toilet a lot and having weird tasts to food lately and cravings and gained a lot of. Weight could I be pregnant???? Plz reply I’m only twelve years old plz help me I’m scared

  14. So I’d like to say that never mix pee and bleach.
    Your pee is waist if your mixing a chemical with waist it will Preduce a toxic gas that is very harmful and could kill you.
    Also I would recommend that you go to a planned parenthood clinic because there tests are free duuuhhhh it’s really not hard. And if your the age of 14/0 you are not likely to get pregnant.
    Also come one sex shouldn’t be even appealing to young girls you should be spending time with friends, going to school, and spending time with your family’s.

  15. hi i have been having ds weird sign more dan 2 weeks before period & had my period on 25 but lasted 4 only 2 days & d signs are back again i tested wt urine but anyone pls

  16. Hello everyone. I just did the make your own toothpaste pregnancy test with my fiance. And the urine did not turn blue but did froth a bit and went cloudy and changed colour what does that mean, is she pregnant or not?

  17. Hey guys….am 19 and I don’t have any symptoms at all but missed my periods probably coz I used emergency contraception for the first time…did the bleach test and it froth like he’ll……am I pregnant plz help

  18. Hey. I know that teenage girls shouldnt be having sex and whatever but theyre probably already feeling scared. Plus they already know if Theyre parent dont know that they shouldnt be doing it. Why comment on them having sex? Try to be helpful. I dont agree with kids having sex and I know we all can hold off until we are 20 and up. But it didnt happen with these girls.

  19. The best thing to do is visit a doctor. If you cant, try to sneak off and buy a test. Dont freak out. If you are having sex protect yourself. The guy may be there but he isn’t going through the intense emotions you are experiencing.

  20. I did the the bleach test twice and the vinegar test once. The first time I did the bleach test it fizzed, it sound like I was pouring pop that was kind of flat but it also changed the color of my urine to a dark color. The second time I had my best friend do the test also so I’d know what neg results would look like. It fizzed a little like mine but the color of her pee didn’t change. I did the test again and I got the same results as the first time. I don’t know what my results mean. When I did the vinegar test I believe it changed the color of my urine but I’m not too sure, the color became slightly darker; it was barely noticeable. I didn’t understand the results of that test either. Can someone give me a answer as to my results for both test?

  21. i used bleach test nd there are bubbles nd da solution is fizzy….i think am pregnant… am not ready to be a only 19 years old and i have to go to varsity this year….i don’t know wat to do…i dnt even love dat boy…..plz help…

  22. Hi I’m 18 and I don’t know if I’m pregnant or not.. I’ve been having weird lower abdominal pains like cramps but I feel heavier … I’ll get sick through out the day randomly, I’ve also been urinating more frequently and using the washroom.. I also get really irritated easily/quickly.. Also I’ve been getting headaches and tierd very easily.. My nipples just started to feel a bit tender but I only had my period less then 3 weeks ago .. My period has never made me feel like this before.. I don’t want to scare myself by thinking I’m pregnant already just need some answers and what test do you think I should take ..? Please get back to me asap

  23. I did this homemade toothpaste test about 4 days ago and the toothpaste didn’t mix with the urine stayed clumpy. This morning I tired this again for the fun of it because everything is right there in the bathroom. When I mixed it it turned frothy right away. did turn the bleach test and it foamed up and the settled but still fizzy. The vinegar test changed to a lighter color and I tried this one before and it didn’t change colors then. The sugar test after mixing didn’t dissolve just settled at the bottom. Not sure what these mean definitely will wait and see if AP will show in 5 days and take a pregnancy test then because I do feel like I’m feeling early signs of being pregnant but I wanted to do these homemade one for fun.

  24. Hello all,

    I have a question. Now days are pregnancy tests required to be a certain % accurate? Many websites show the tests at the same level of accuracy, but i did not know if it was required by law or not. I think that it is required that tests be a certain % accurate but i was not 100 % sure. I hear lots of good things from clearblue tests.


  25. Hey karleigh, my name is also karleigh lol ..
    Only thing I can tell you is invite a friend to spend the night one that you know will be there for you no matter what .. Then while she is there have your parents sit down. And you just simply tell them the worse They can do is be disappointed and ground you .. They cannot in any way make you abort or give your baby up for adoption if you don’t want to. Even if they try the adoption center or abortion center will ask is anyone making / forcing you to do things and just tell them no it was your own decision or your parents are making you do this .. Good luck

  26. hey there i did the bleach test just now ! it was weird the colour immediately turned brown blackish! weird isnt it well i really need to know if anyone have ever experienced a bleach test that colour weird ! me and my fiance is trying to have a baby for like 10 months nothing happend yet hope it wil be this month did any of you girls struggled to get pregnant and how long

  27. Hey guys I tried the bleach pregnancy test 3 months ago to see was I pregnant because I was so late for my period it fuzz then my boyfriend tried it to and it did the same. So couples days later I started bleeding and I thought it was my period but it wasn’t because it was super heavy going through my clothes like crazy the I was having the worst pain and like this big glop of blood came out and it looks like it had something in it. So I did research on it and took pictures to show my doctor when she told me it was a miscarriage. Now I’m 3 weeks late and I won’t be doing the bleach test no more.

  28. Hi i’m 20, still student at college and married. I’ve tried all the test and all of it came up positive. I went to the doctor to confirmed my pregnancy and i got the same result. Now i’m 2 month pregnant so maybe the homemade precnancy test is accurate. Can’t wait to tell my husband about it 🙂

  29. After mixing my urine with toothpaste I got another color of pink and it foams, pls does that mean am pregnant? Pls I need an urgent reply.