Bleach Pregnancy Test


Bleach Pregnancy Test
Bleach is a cleaning substance that can also be used as a home-based pregnancy test. All one has to do is combine it with urine. There are no guidelines on the amount of bleach or urine to be used. This mixture produces toxic fumes and the test should therefore be done in an airy place.

What is bleach pregnancy test?

Individuals who do not have the time to go purchase pregnancy kits from the pharmacy or go to a specialist to confirm on whether they are pregnant or not can simply make use of a home-based bleach pregnancy method. This test involves the use of bleach which is a chemical normally available in a large number of homes and is used to clean clothes through the process of oxidation.

It may not be possible to fully rely on its outcome regardless of it being negative or positive results. The reason for this includes the fact that there are no guidelines on the amount of urine or bleach to be used or the amount of time one has to wait before checking on the results. For this reason it is advisable to re-confirm the test by doing a home pregnancy test.

How to use bleach for pregnancy test:

Pregnancy tests normally check for the presence of HCG a pregnancy hormone. This is a substance that responds to all available methods used to test pregnancy. HCG is present in blood as well as urine. Using bleach to test pregnancy is more effective when compared to other home-based tests since it reacts quite well with HCG, a hormone present in the urine of pregnant women. These tests regardless of them being home-based or home pregnancy tests bought from pharmacies, their main aim is to identify the amount of HCG in the urine. Each time the urine of a woman comes into contact with some of these substances such as bleach, changes normally occur within minutes and their reaction will depend on whether or not HCG has been identified. Seen below is a pregnancy confirmation test through the use of bleach.

– Pour some bleach into a cup then mix in some fresh urine.
– Wait for a short period of time and watch the reaction.
– If the solution starts to bubble up or turns frothy or frizzy it is a clear indication that you are pregnant. If no change takes place then you are not expectant.

Just like most other home-based tests, there are no guidelines on the amount of bleach or urine to be used and the amount of time it takes before the results can be confirmed. Unlike other home-based tests, this one comes with a safety warning. The reason behind this is due to the fact that when bleach is mixed with urine it produces toxic fumes which can cause harm to you as well as your unborn child in case you happen to be pregnant. This test should therefore be done in an airy place or outside in order to protect yourself against inhaling the toxic fumes.

Does bleach pregnancy work:

Home-based pregnancy tests are quite safe. However, this is different for bleach test due to the toxic fumes it produces when mixed with urine. There is no scientific evidence to show that it actually works and gives accurate results. After performing the bleach home-based test and the results come out positive, it is important that you follow it up with a home pregnancy test in order to verify the results before scheduling for a prenatal appointment with your doctor.

Out of the different techniques and methods that women use as home-based tests, bleach test is said to be quite reliable. A large number of people are often surprised at the thought of bleach being used to test pregnancy without having to go to the pharmacy or pay the doctor a visit. This is a substance which is present in almost every home and is used on a daily basis. As time goes by the using bleach as a home-based pregnancy test is becoming quite popular. This has come about due to the fact that it is affordable and only a small quantity is required to carry out the test.

There are chances that the results gotten from the bleach test may not be accurate and can actually give you positive results when it is actually negative and vice versa. This goes to show that this test is not quite reliable. However, with patience and plenty of understanding, you can actually get excellent results from this type of pregnancy test. As previously stated, care must be taken when handling bleach due to the fact that it can ruin your furniture or clothing when poured. This is aside from the fact that it produces dangerous fumes when mixed with urine.

There are a number of factors which have contributed to the inaccuracy of this home-based test and it includes lack of precise guidelines. Home pregnancy kits which are readily purchased at drug stores are more accurate than the bleach test due to the fact that they come with precise user guidelines on the amount of urine to be used and the amount of time taken for the results to show. Due to lack of precise guidelines, chances of getting inaccurate results are quite high.

When all is said and done, the best and final pregnancy results regardless of it being a negative result or positive results lies with a method which has been proven scientifically. These can either be methods used by doctors or pregnancy testing kits readily available in drug stores or pharmacies. The best way of finding out whether something works is by trying it yourself. Therefore, the next time you suspect yourself of being pregnant you can opt to confirm your fears by using bleach to perform a pregnancy test. The good news is the fact that you have nothing to lose since this will not taken as your final results and it can be followed up with a home pregnancy test or one from the doctor.


  1. I really wish everyone on here would just go buy a test.. go to a dollar store. Its only 2-3 dollars compared to 15-30 at a pharmacy. Anyways, i am 6wks preg and was bored so i tried this. No reaction what so ever. I have already seen the doctor so yes im sure im pregnant. I tried it before when i was late and it fizzed like crazy! I was not pregnant. Our bodies have several chemicals that will react with other chemicals.. dont leave a pregnancy answer to bleach. Just go buy a test.

    • Hi i do plan to buy a pregnancy test . Just like you i just wanted to experiement . I did the test and nothing really happened. After about 1 min it started to fizz like a soda . I have done this test in the past nd everytime it would foam up like a beer . Pls give me you opinion

    • Okay well why are you on here 😂😂 don’t be telling people what you wish/think they should do when your doing it too

  2. Not to shure if it helps, i tried and freaked when it foamed up then my bf wanted to try to see the difference, so if ur saying ur pregnant when the bleach foams My boyfriends one foamed does that mean he’s pregnant?

    • no men carry HCG only if they have or are starting to get testicle cancer, i work in a OBGYN office and we have herd and this test very dangers for mother and baby if inhaled but have had a lot of positive out of it women love to experiment with thing, but most have been pregnant

  3. mine foamed when I mixed the urin to the bleach and looked like a cup of bear I don’t know if it’s positive or not can you help

    • If a man tests positive on a pregnancy tests, it is likely that he has a rare form of testicular cancer. MEN DO NOT GET POSITIVE PREGNANCY TESTS, and the bleach pregnancy test was invented as a hoax to try and get people to gas themselves.

  4. i just took the test and it said to wait about 10 mins and come back and check. but when i did it, it started foaming and almost came out of the cup when i mixed them but when i came back like it said there wasn’t any foam at the top. i hope these are wrong bc i am NOT tryin to get pregnant.

  5. I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and I did the bleach test ithe did the white froth thing then bubbled up then slowly went down then my pee turned clear ?……… so……

  6. I have missed my period and I noticed I eating more then usual so I did the bleach and it bubble up and change color am I pregnant or no

  7. Usually i’m a very sane person but i’be been having pregnancy symptoms and then i had my period but after i still have them. I tried this because i won’t be able to take a pregnancy test till tomorrow and it fizzed over the cup then it was just like soda and turned white what does that mean ? I’m going crazy!!!

  8. It works different with everyone you can’t say it dosent work just because yours didn’t work mines fizzed up all the way to the top and it never went back down then I took a test and it was postive so ladies don’t be discouraged of your not sure after you do the bleach test take a home pregnancy test for your assurance ❤️❤️Good luck ladies

  9. ummm i just tried this for fun and well by the looks of things i’m totally screwed … i guess as much i’ll just take a regular HPT to make sure so I can go tell my partner .

  10. I performed this test on my urine and my husbands. Both bubbled like a science class volcano. Fun to revisit chemistry class, but this test is a dud. I wish it worked. Cheers and good luck~Kristin

  11. I did it and mines flames up all the way and never went down so I went to the dollar store and bought 3 tests and all 3 were positive my fiancé is so excited but DONT always rely on home tests it can just be the ammonia in your urine just go to the doctor or buy a dollar test. 3 to be safe.

  12. Please be careful with this experiment I just performed it and I felt like it was a gas chamber… literally. It is extremely strong. I just went to get a pregnancy test now even though I haven’t missed a period. I have a hunch that I might be. I’ve been having the most vivid dreams and also have had this stuffy nose that won’t leave me.

    -if you can avoid all together. Please don’t kill yourselves or your potential unborn by the lack of patience like me… 😞 It still smells in my bathroom and it’s. Been over an hour……………………

  13. I did the bleach pregnancy test on me and my daughter crazy I know… But I tried it first it frizzy for a min then changed color like spirit soda and then my daughter it did not not even frizzy same color. So I think it work going to get tested cause the other test say negative.

    • Mine turn clear to with the sizzle and my child per stayed yellow was yours positive? this is the same thing what happened to me

  14. i tried this test 15mins ago…as soon as i poured my urine sample in bleach it reacted speedly first bubbles then fizzy n finally foamy like beer ,i am totally confuse now i am late on my periods 12days i did HPT on 24th jan which was my due date for my mc it ws negetive i thought i was too early with the test so i did it again on 2nd feb it came out negetive again…..m feeling pregnancy syptoms….one more thing m newly married its just been 2 months i got married i never had sex before i got and from last 2 months i am regularlly havung sex as we both want a child desperetly….plz help should i test again

    • I’m having the same problem my bleach test is pos but my hot is neg and im 12 days late did you end up being pregnant?

    • your mind can trick your body into thinking you are pregnant if you want it so bad,, but my love dont give up go to the Dr would love to here about it

  15. I also took the bleach pregnancy test like 15 minutes ago, poured bleach and a separate container and after I urine I immediately poured urine and bleach it immediately exploded over everywhere I haven’t started my period this month I’m worried if I’m pregnant don’t know if I’m testing positive please anybody let me know if u tested positive at ob doctor or store test after have my experience with bleach test.

    • hii, is did the test 3 times and also exploded. im not sure if im pregnant but im going to a clinic tomorrow to confirm. im not sure if the bleach test works but what I have seen, I think it might be true.

  16. I missed my period by 8days , did pregnancy test using bleaching powder and it foamed.To cross check i did same test using my husband pee and another test using plain tap water and for them nothing happened…Am i really pregnant ???

  17. I did the bleach test 3 times and all of them had alot of foam instantly, I used my morning urine like it said.I had a light period a week ago for 3 days and I have my period now, so im not sure if I am but I would like to know. I will be testing tomorrow morning with a “over-the-counter” test. lets hope the bleach test was true.

  18. The chemical reaction is between ammonia and bleach. It releases chloramine, a dangerous gas, which will bubble as it comes out of the urine. It has nothing to do with whether hCG is present. Whoever started this rumor was just trolling people.

  19. Hi ladies, I know the frustration of wanting a baby so much and will kist about do almost anything to get it going. Well I tried the bleach test twice now with thick bleach and on both occasions mines foamed. I have also been experiencing twinges on my right side for four days now so I am gonna take a PT (pregnancy test) to be sure &I will let u know if the bleach test is fake or not 😁

  20. I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative, then I did the bleach test with my brother and our both fizzed up we waiting 10 mins and they both went down. Does that mean I’m pregnant??

  21. I did this a hour ago… I poured bleach into my urine have it a quick stir and it foamed up a little then kept going like it was boiling… so I did it again 5 mins ago gave it a stir and it foamed again and turned white like sprite soda then it kept bubbling like it was boiling…. what does it mean?

  22. Just did the bleach and urine test stuff.
    As soon as I poured the urine into the bleach it foamed so much and poured out of the cup but didn’t last a second,it stopped foaming and was just flat llike water.
    I don’t understand.
    How long does it foam to know it’s positive

  23. So I just did this bleach test and it was so weird because at first mine didn’t fizz so I added more bleach and it erupted like a volcano!!!! I started freakin out so I did a prego test and it was the second one to come back negative in the last couple of days. I drink lots of water, so not sure if that had anything to do with it?

  24. I did d bleach test nw, it only fizzle and later stopped fizzling and later become very clear bt didn’t change colour but I later shaked it and it becomes foamy. Does dat indicates I’m pregnant… Pls I nid response ASAP

  25. This DOES NOT work trust me there has been so many women in my family that have tried this and it has showed up that they were pregnant when they actually were not, so don’t rely on this test just do a normal preganancy test.

  26. I just did this test and it just fizzed up and it turned a bright yellow and it now foamy like a bear. And at thr beginging of this month i took 2 test and they came back neg.. But it was to early and i just did the bleach test and it did that. Been having mood swings craving nausea sleepy can sleep at night all signs of pregnancy..