Best Baby Floor Seats 2016


When parents think of baby floor seats, many things can come to mind. It could be just a cushion that will place their baby comfortably on a low plain, or it might be some sort of deliberately designed seat with a tray so that your child can play with something while sitting stationary as well.

So here we will review 10 seats that fit into this large category before we select our top rated once for various purposes later.

1. Snuggle Me Organic – Infant Lounging and Bed-Sharing Cushion

Snuggle Me Organic

As plain looking as Snuggle Me Organic’s lounging cushion may be, their attention to details is definitely something not to overlook. It is soft and safe, using certified organic cotton for its removable cover and a hypoallergenic filling to ensure that your baby will not have undesired reactions to this handcrafted cushion.

This may come as a surprise to you, but the simple looking design is made to give a hammock-like feel, so that while your baby will not feel so restricted lying there and even feel warmly enveloped, s/he also cannot move too much and fall off the cushion.
It is versatile and mobile, so you can move it easily, place it anywhere, or even bring it with you on family trips. However, it is also made to have low edges, with the intention to double as a bed-sharing cushion so some parents may not want to place it directly on the floor for seating.

2. Leachco Podster Sling-Style Infant Lounger

Leachco Podster Sling Style

With a little more gimmick and feature than the previously reviewed lounger, this Leachco Podster utilizes the sling-style adjustment tab to customize the base to support babies’ varying and growing sizes. It can also adjust to prop infants up to a sort of sitting position as well as a lying down on the back, resting position.
This sling-style adjustment system, along with the contoured center, together allow for easy modification according to different purposes without needing high cushion to prevent your baby from rolling off. The cover is removable and of course, washable and it comes in four variations: Blue Pin Dot, Green Bear, Pink Pin Dot, and Sage Pin Dot.

3. DexBaby Day Dreamer Sleeper Bed and Infant Seat with High Sides

DexBaby Day Dreamer Sleeper Bed

This sleek yet simple and homely feel offers both comfort and practicality. It is soft and light with ergonomic design that is meant to keep your baby at an accommodating angle of 28 degrees. At this angle, your baby can enjoy equally being awake and cozy, as well as dozing off napping. It is also so that if s/he had just finished feeding, the gravity will still compel all the food to stay down, and facilitate gas expulsion without puking. The curves and high sides also prevent your baby from tipping and rolling out from the seat.

The Day Dreamer’s body is also breathable and dishwashing machine friendly, so not only will your baby’s back accumulate too much heat when sitting, if s/he has any diaper spills or leakage, it is still super convenient for you to clean it up!

This DexBaby product comes in 5 colors: grey, cream, blue, green, and pink and also has a lifetime warranty.

4. DockATot Deluxe Dock

DockATot Deluxe Dock

DockATot’s Deluxe Dock offers discreet but still interesting design patterns. It doesn’t look complicated, comes in just one piece and is lightweight yet stably and sturdy. This allows for mobility and portability. And what with the mid-level edges of the cushion, this also allows for versatility in terms of its purposes. You can use it anywhere, on flat surfaces, and including in bed. The slightly raised borders are meant to protect the baby from rolling out, serve as support for babies’ arms and legs which may in addition help exercise neck strength.

The material is made of thermo-bonded fiber, which helps distribute pressure better when your baby lies down. By doing so, it prevents too much weight being put down on one area of the skull, thus reducing the risk of flathead syndrome.
Being designed specifically for the first stage, meaning for the first six months of your baby’s life, it also aims to minimize the startle reflex babies some time have in the middle of their sleep with its perfect cushion and shape.

The Deluxe Dock’s covers come in 7 design patterns: Silver Lining, Coral Trellis, Dream Weaver, Minty Trellis, Mod Pod, Pristine White, and So Safari.

5. Prince Lionheart bebePOD Flex Plus Baby Seat

Prince Lionheart bebePOD Flex Plus

A cute, modern looking, colorful baby seat by Prince Lionheart may mislead you to think this is some new age manufacturer firing out innovative designs with flashy looks to go with it. This is almost true, because this baby seat’s design is ergonomic and convenient for cleaning and moving it around, but the manufacturer, Prince Lionheart, also comes with a legacy. They started off with handmade rocking horses since 1973 and have since developed and advanced its production and design to incorporate colors and creativity.

This seat is designed for babies between three months to fourteen months old, not just for sturdy sitting, thanks to the support of the pommel in the middle, but also eating and playing while staying in a good posture. The tray in front can be removed and put back with just a snap, while the seat also has a safety harness or chair strap in itself. The pommel still makes room for decent leg opening and maneuvering space, while the high back of the chair makes sure your baby sits in an upright position, providing support and promoting good posture at the same time.

The surfaces are easy to clean and safe, since they are made of only non-toxic BPA-free materials. They also come in 3 playful looks: Watermelon Red, Kiwi Green, and Berry Blue, along with placemat, portable tray, and toys in the box with a one-year warranty.

6. Bumbo Floor Seat

Bumbo Floor Seat

The Bumbo Floor Seat is made for infants from three to nine months old, or starting whenever they are strong enough to hold their necks up without any support. It is made wholly from polyurethane foam construction, which is low in density, making it light, soft, and also easy to clean at the same time.

It has is shaped like a high chair, with the raised edges and contours acting as arm rests and pommel. It keeps your baby’s movement limited for safety but still allows comfort from high backrest and arm rests which promotes good posture. The seat also comes with a safety belt in the front. Despite the sturdy build and these safety features, parents are still warned against placing your babies in these seats on an elevated surface because they can still tip over and fall.

The product is available in six colors: blue, aqua, lime green, magenta, mint, and violet. An additional floor seat tray is also sold separately if you wish to have the extension add on.

7. Bumbo Multi Seat

Bumbo Multi Seat

Another model by Bumbo. This one looks a bit more advanced and complicated, but that’s because it is made to accommodate three functions and children up to three years old. It can triple as a floor seat for infants, feeding seat, and also a booster seat for toddlers. The seat’s base can be adjusted for use with your child’s varying growth stages. So if you’re thinking long term and versatile use, this model may be a better option for you than the previous Bumbo model we reviewed, which focuses on its simplicity.

The foam insert is there to provide comfort and cushion but is also removable to make more space for older babies, without affecting the seat’s sturdiness as the seat’s base will still remain full contact with the bottom surface or floor. The removable tray can be attached by using just one hand and can be discreetly stored in the back when not in used. Also in that case, you also have a three point harness serving as a restraining belt so your baby cannot get up when the tray is not in place.

This sleek look comes in four colors: aqua, blue, light pink, and magenta.

8. Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Booster Seat

Ingenuity Baby Base

This product looks a lot like our previously reviewed model but with a more serious tinge to its design. The main body is made of plastic, but it similarly comes with a soft foam insert to provide cushion which can also be removed to accommodate growing little ones, expectantly up until they are three years old. This cushion is easy to clean and provides a soft booster, while the three-point harness secures your baby in a safe seated position. The Baby Base can also be strapped to a chair when placed on one for boosting purposes, in order to prevent your child from slipping and falling off the chair during meals.

What we really like is the removable tray that comes with a cup holder and is also dishwasher safe. It can be stored underneath the seat when not in use. So the tray is convenient both for usage and storage!

This thoughtful baby seat comes in plain grey color (called ‘Slate’), Lime, and Aqua color options.

9. Summer Infant Support-Me 3-in-1

Summer Infant Support Me 3 in 1

The 3-in-1 in this Summer Infant’s model refers to its functions as a positioner, a feeding seat, as well as a booster seat. While this product also features similar qualities like the Ingenuity model we had just reviewed, including the ingenious chair strap too, we think this one’s design looks a little less rigid with its curves and swerves in the contours. But even though that may be an upside for many of the parents who care about the aesthetics, it is sadly available only in one color.

When Summer Infant uses the word positioner, it is not too different from what we have been generally calling floor seats. It is just that the positioner gives emphasis on the ‘positioning’ of the child’s posture, thanks to the SupportMe design with a high backrest, flared base, wide leg opening with removable foam insert and three point harness for your little one’s comfort and safety.

To switch to its feeding seat mode, simply attach the BPA-free, dishwasher-compatible tray that comes with a cup holder and then you’re good to go! If you want it to double as a booster seat, just be sure to make sure of the chair strap provided for your child’s safety.

10. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat with Tray

Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat

This cute floor seat will appear to your baby as more of a toy than a sedentary tool which also provides comfort. It comes in five designs (Girl, Monkey, Multicolor, Citrus Frog, and Orange lion) each with its own little quirky feature. We will stick to the Lion one for our example.

The upright seat with its wide supporting base is covered in fabrics with cartoon lion design, and at the bottom there are footpads in the shape of lion paws that squeak when your baby kicks or steps on it to provide an interactive fun feature. And worry not, because this fabric cover is washing machine safe, so it will not be a hassle to clean.

Built into the seat are also two hooks to attach linkable toys like rings and rattles. In front of that is the removable mini tray which can be kept hidden under the seat. The seat itself can also be folded for storage and transport.

Top rated baby floor seats

While we have selected only top rated products for our review, there are still some which we liked more than the others. And this is something we will discuss in our conclusion, based on the various criteria parents may have when it comes to choosing baby floor seats, and points we think are important to keep in mind.


Now that we have looked at the best of baby seats out there, you probably have already realized how widely they vary, from simple lounging cushions to the strong structured ones with trays and deliberate designs.

So let us break it down for you – you could look for plain loungers that don’t really specific double or triple purposes (but you can always get creative with them), a cross between loungers and innovative baby seats, simple upright baby seats with not too many fancy features, and then you have the multi-purpose baby seats that either serve specific development stages or aim to accommodate your child throughout his/her early years as well.

Therefore, when you decide on which kind of baby seats you want, we hope you’ll consider your needs and what is ideal for you. Sometimes have a multi-purpose one allows for versatile and even long term use, but you may also derive more satisfaction using just a simple organic cushion because you like carrying your baby around in it, changing diapers, and bringing him/her to bed with you that way.

Otherwise, you will want to look into the products’ dimension and whether or not they are designed for specific stages’ usage and how long they are meant to accommodate your babies for. How long they can stay with your little ones will also help justify if you want to invest in the fancier multi-purpose baby seat or not as well. Statistically, a very small portion of the options out there will offer a lifetime warranty, most of them will provide just one year or up to two years. So while that duration will be ample for the developmental stage-specific seats, if you’re thinking long term that might not be enough.

Hopefully we have covered a wide enough range of best baby floor seats out there and that you now have a better idea which one will suit you and your baby best. Let us know your thoughts on our reviews, if we’ve missed any key points that helped you figure out what you needed with your baby floor seats. Please also feel free to let us know your suggestions on good seats out there that we’ve missed!

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