Best Baby Bouncer 2016



A bouncer seat can be more useful than you’ve thought. Imagine if you can lay your newborn in a safe and comfortable place when you need to have both of your hands free. Above that, babies love the bouncing and cradling sensation!

Top Rated Baby Bouncers

1. Fisher-Price Newborn Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper


This Fisher-Price sleeper is best for many moments of the day: daytime, bedtime, naptime and playtime. Its extra deep form keeps your baby safe from falling out and the existing belt ensures his or her safety even more. It can be used as playtime seat and sleeper, especially designed to give comforts to newborns. Some moms say they use it in place of a co-sleeper or bassinet. Thanks to the light weight, you can easily move it anywhere you want. The sleeper also has many nice electric features. You can choose among 12 songs, 3 natural sounds and 2 rocking speeds. This’s an up-dated version which rocks automatically. If your baby wakes up in the middle of the night, you just have to push a button. The rocking mode would soothe him or her and you’ll find that your baby goes back to sleep in few minutes. The incline is perfect for babies with reflux issues. The padding is machine-washable and breathable. Some parents mentioned that it’s noisy when the motor works while some others say it doesn’t disturb the sleeping baby and other family members at all. The electric feature works only with household electricity, no battery option available.

2. BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft


This’s a classic bouncer seat without any electric parts or little toys hanging above the baby’s head, but its simplicity is the strong point of BABYBJORN. The bouncer has a round shape and supportive design that promote a comfy and cozy feeling to your little one. It has a proper head and back support with a soft and very breathable padding. It’s incredibly cool for hot summer days. By rocking the seat, babies develop their motor skills and balance while entertaining themselves at the same time. You can easily adjust the seat position from the highest for playtime to the lowest for sleeping time. Despite the high cost, it’s convenient to invest on this bouncer because you can utilize it from the first day of your baby’s life until his or her 2nd birthday. It practically can function as a chair when your child becomes a toddler. Moms love this bouncer because it’s made of 100% cotton, well-designed, elegant, sturdy and versatile. It also has a great portability as it can be fold flat. However, some moms mentioned that it just doesn’t work for their little babies as they’re still too small to be able to bounce by themselves.

3. 4moms Mamaroo Bouncer


This’s a high-end and most modern bouncer on the market. The features are numerous. 4moms Mamaroo offers 5 unique motions which are car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye and wave. To explain simply, it doesn’t only bounce up and down, but also sways from side to side. It allows you to adjust multiple reclining positions to match your baby’s need. 4moms uses technology to make the bouncer more advanced than others. With Bluetooth enabled, you can control the motion, speed, sound and volume through your smartphone. It can also play your favorite mp3 songs. The seat fabric can be removed and machine washable. It also provides an overhead toy mobile. With every cool function, the Mamaroo bouncer has some down points though. It’s bigger than most bouncers and can’t be fold for storage or travel. Some complaints are about the motions which are too slow and too gentle even on the highest speed according to some moms. If your baby needs to be rocked more vigorously, then this bouncer isn’t made for him or her. Because of the price, some moms prefer a more classic bouncy seat as babies won’t need it for a long term. For the rest, it works just well.

4. Graco Little Lounger Rocking Seat Plus Vibrating Lounger


This model of Graco combines 2 things in one product. You can use it as a rocking seat that soothes your baby when he or she needs to be cradled. By flipping the Rock Locks down, it’ll transform into a stationary vibrating lounger with 2 speeds to choose. Your baby will feel comfortable inside this large and deep seat. It has enough space for your little one to grow. The multi-position reclining allows you to adjust the seat according to your baby’s mood. For babies with reflux issues, the upright position is very helpful. It comes with removable body support for most comfort, a built-in 3-point harness to keep your baby secured and an overhead mobile with plush toys to help stimulate his or her visual sense. It becomes compact when you fold it; this’s great when you have to move it to another room or just to restore it when not in use. Moms love this Graco Little Lounger as it meets all the expectations but some moms mentioned the vibration was too slow for the baby to feel it.

5. Fisher-Price Comfort Curve Bouncer


This model of Fisher-Price bouncer is a classic one with a very nice and modern design. If you are looking for a comfortable bouncy chair that works well but you don’t want to spend too much for music or any hi-technological features, this may be the right one for you. When it’s naptime, babies bounce themselves with their natural movements and this helps them fall asleep. The bouncer also provides optional soothing vibrations. (It requires 1 D battery for this feature.) When it’s playtime, the 2 funny toys hanging from the bar overhead keep babies entertained while stimulating their skills at the same time. The seat pad is soft and machine-washable. It provides an adjustable 3-point restraint, so your baby stays safe and snugged inside. Moms can feel secured as the bouncer has a non-skid base. Moms agree that Fisher-Price Comfort Curve bouncer isn’t too big and is lightweight but small babies cannot reach the toys as it’s settled too far from them. For this reason, babies can become frustrated.

6. Bright Starts Safari Smiles Bouncer


Bright Starts Safari Smiles is a cheap bouncer that works great and comes with nice features that you hardly find in other bouncers at the same price range. First of all, it has bright and cheerful colors. The seat is well-padded and cozy. Your baby can enjoy soothing vibrations with auto shut-off after 30 minutes, 7 melodies with auto shut-off after 15 minutes and 3 cute and funny toys. The toy bar is set at the right position for babies to reach and can be removed easily with one hand. It also provides adjustable 3-point harness for your baby’s security. The seat pad can be machine-washed to promote the hygiene. Considering everything, Bright Starts Safari Smiles is a fantastic bouncer that is ideal as a safe and soothing place for your baby and perfect for playtime when your baby stays awake. Moms agree that it’s easy to assemble and functional but some complaint that the motor doesn’t work after some weeks of use while the music still plays.

7. Sassy Cuddle Bug Bouncer, Violet Butterfly


This Sassy Cuddle Bug bouncer has a very nice design which uses the blanket in the form of butterfly wings as strategy to keep babies warm and well-snugged. The soft and comforting blanket creates the similar feeling of being in mom’s womb. It’s also rich of nice features. You can choose among 3 soothing vibration settings, 10 calming lullabies and 3 volume settings by the control panel at the front. It also provides a toy bar with 3 soft and attractive toys that are suitable for babies’ developments. To ensure the baby’s safety, the bouncer includes a study construction, non-slip feet and adjustable 3-point harness. The lightweight frame is designed to portable although the bouncer isn’t foldable. You can easily transfer it from room to room but it won’t be ideal for travel purpose. All the fabric parts can be machine-washed with cold water and tumbled dry low. Many moms love the blanket option and confirm that their babies sleep well in Sassy Cuddle Bug bouncer. However, some moms have to add a folded blanket to support the baby’s head and neck saying that the recline isn’t proper for babies smaller than 3 months.

8. Tiny Love Take Along Baby Bouncer


Tiny Love is best for travel and outdoor purpose or for who has little space in the house or apartment. It is super lightweight and becomes incredibly small that allows you to carry with one hand while the other is occupied holding your baby. Many parents are impressed by the way that it can fit a suitcase perfectly! It also comes with a carry bag that protects the bouncer while being transferred. Despite the lightweight, the bouncer is study and doesn’t fold itself when your baby is seated in. This’s a simple bouncer without any electric part, so you won’t have music or vibrations but moms love its ease of use and portability. Its incline position is more like a chair, making it not very suitable for babies at first month. The seat bounces along with your baby’s movements. It isn’t much bouncy but moms say their babies enjoy it. Moms are using Tiny Love Take Along bouncer in vacation, on the terrace, at the pool, at grandparents’ house, etc. It’s perfect as the second bouncer to carry away but also good as the primary one if you don’t need any electric features.

9. Fisher-Price Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker


Many moms have chosen this bouncer because it can support up to 40 pounds, comparing to the weight limits of only 25 – 30 pounds in other similar bouncers, this’s a better choice! More than that, moms also love its light weight and portability as it can be folded quite compactly and can be carried comfortably with the built-in handle. This Fisher-Price product allows your newborn to lie flat or in proper inclining positions with comforting vibrations. It also provides interactive toys to keep your baby entertained. The 3-point harness is included to ensure your baby’s safety. When he or she grows up, it allows your toddler to sit upright and use it as a stationary rocking seat by extending the frame to a higher position. By locking the legs, it won’t bounce. This portable rocker’s pros are the expandable use, portability and comforting vibrations while the cons reported from moms are the less bouncing capacity and the lack of music or sounds. A few parents say that it would be better if it has 5-point harness as their babies did climb out of the bouncer with the 3-point harness.

10. Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer


This’s another great baby bouncer at middle price range that is much appreciated by parents. Designed to use from birth until 25 pounds, it has everything moms and babies would want. It has soothing vibrations which is helpful to help your baby sleep. For playtime, it includes music, lights, a soft hippo hanging toy, an electronic crab and leaf-shaped teething rings. All these features help relax your baby and develop his or her motor skills and hand eye coordination. You can choose from 2 inclining positions. The harness, sturdy legs and non-slip feet keep your baby secured. What makes this bouncer unique is the adjustable arches where the toys hang. Moms can move it outwards in order to pick up their babies easily. You don’t have to continue to remove and attach the toy bar when seating or picking up your little one like you do with other models. These arches also allow you to move the toy closer to your baby’s reach. Most moms find Tiny Love Gymini a wonderful product for its cost. The only cons of this bouncer is that it isn’t foldable, so it isn’t made for travel use.

What to know before buying

Baby bouncer is equipment you can use from day 1. Parents should keep in mind that it’s not only about bouncing up and down but there’re a few things to examine before buying.

Safety features

  • Does the bouncer have safety straps? Bouncers commonly feature 3-point harness that keep babies safe from falling out. A 5-point harness will be even safer.
  • Is the frame sturdy enough? Your baby may lean against one side, a sturdy and wide frame will be stable. Prefer one that is low to the ground.
  • Is it safety certified? Look for a safety certification seal on the bouncer which assures that it meets all the safety standards.
  • Does it have non-slip pads under the bouncer base? This’s to avoid slipping on smooth floors like wood and tile.
  • Don’t forget to check the maximum weight limit.

Soothing and entertaining features

  • Some models will bounce according to your baby’s movements while some others have a motor to create bouncing or rocking motions. In addition, many models also include soothing vibrations. Most of them can be regulated through a control panel. Check if it works on household electricity or batteries. Some may be battery eaters!
  • Bouncers that come with electronic parts usually play built-in music and natural sounds.
  • Many bouncers also include a detachable toy bar in front of the baby’s face. It’ll become useful since the 4th month of age as your baby begins to spin or squeeze the toys. Before that, he or she might not know what to do with it yet.

Purpose of use

Since baby bouncers vary a lot from one to another, you should have in mind how and when you’ll use it. Are you staying home a lot with your baby? Will you travel or going out with your little one often? Will you bring the bouncer along to the daycare? Some bouncers are perfect for home use but won’t be practical to carry away. This’s an instrument that you will probably use only during the baby’s first year of age. If you don’t want to invest too much on it, there’re various models that work well and come with nice features but with a low budget available. Don’t forget that safety is the priority! Choose a safe area to set the bouncer and don’t leave your child in it unattended.

Do you think every baby should have a bouncer? If your child has one, does he or she enjoying staying there? Tell your opinion!